Fatebreak is a casual, fantasy-inspired card combat game of strategy and chance. Cards are used to battle opponents until one player is left standing. Players begin the game with five 'hitpoints' and are dealt a hand of four cards. Play moves clock-wise through the 'summon'; 'switch'; and 'battle' phases until all but one players are eliminated and a victor is crowned. 


** Update v1.1 now available!  **

Read all about the new changes and additions here

** GMTK 2021 Game Jam Results! **


Art, programming, and design by CosmicCrystal

Made in 48 hours for the GMTK 2021 Game Jam 
"Joined Together"


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Great! Just hard to figure out at the beginning. 

This game is great! Innovative and aesthetic! The only negative is the bug/hidden mechanic not explained in the rules of sometimes players have to consecutively begin turns.

how in the WORLD was this made in 48 hours??? this is a masterpiece!


Okay WOW. This game is seriously amazing. Would love to have an online mode to play against my friends, but I know how hard it is... Still, amazing work!

Thanks so much! :)


This game is great! At first I thought you could only switch cards out with the remaining card in your hand but when I realized that you can switch the positions of cards and even pull from the top of the deck, that's when I really got into it. Being able to draw from the deck is especially genius because with only four cards you could easily think "there was no way I could win this round" but with that one hidden element it feels much more fair, like I have more options and even if I lose I'd blame myself rather than the game.


This is loads of fun! while reading the rules it feels kinda complicated, but when you play it's really simple! Would you mind if I printed out some cards to play with my friends and family?


Go for it!  :D
It's a simple, 16-card deck. 

  • 5 x Blade (Red) (I to V)
  • 5 x Shield (Green) (I to V)
  • 5 x Magic (Blue) (I to V)
  • 1 x Holy (White/Yellow) (V)

I can send you the sprites if you'd like, but they're pixel art so they might not print very well... some plain colored, numbered cards will get the point across I think :)


Thanks! I was thinking I'd just write on some playing cards, or make my own designs for them. This is really one of the best games I've played in this jam!


Heck, taking some cards out of a regular playing deck will work  :)
And, thanks!  Glad you enjoyed it!