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A vicious war is brewing in the outer rim of the galaxy. One battalion is all that stands between peace and total devastation. It's up to you to take on the mantle of Commander and lead your troops to victory in ARMOR FORCE TACTICS.

Put your strategic mind to the test in this Gameboy-inspired tactical RPG, created in ten days for GB JAM 9. 

  • Six unique missions, each demanding fresh and challenging new tactics. 
  • Seven different unit clases to recruit and strengthen in battle. 
  • A variety of weapons, tools and items at your party's disposal.
  • Gamepad support; palette swapping and other neat options.
  • A jammin' chiptune score to accompany you on your conquest.

Ranked 2nd Overall and 1st in Soundtrack for GBJAM9!

New patch v1.11 update available now!!!

---- Controls ----

GameboyKeyboardGamepad (recommended)
[ Arrows ]  or  [ WASD ]D-pad or Left Analog
( A )[ Z ]  or  [ J ]( A )
( B )[ X ]  or  [ K ]( B )
( Start )[ Enter ]  or  [ Esc ]( Start ) or ( RB )
( Select )[ Space ]  or  [ Tab ]( Select )  or ( LB )

---- Credits ----

Programming, Pixel Art and Sound Effects by CosmicCrystal

Music by Dippy


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ArmorForceTactics_v1.11_winPortable.zip 8 MB
ArmorForceTactics_v1.11_winInstaller.exe 21 MB
ArmorForceTactics_GBJAM_winPortable.zip 8 MB
ArmorForceTactics_GBJAM_winInstaller.exe 21 MB


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I really enjoyed this one, although it did crash on me. It could use a few QoL stuff for SRPGs (like a description of items before you buy em), but it was really fun. It took me a while to figure out the class triangle, but figuring out all the stuff I could do was great!

It crashed on me at the second level while I was fast-forwarding an enemy turn, but overall, recommend for an afternoon. I’d personally love to see a “DX”/GBC version that I could pay for.


What a cute little tactical game!

(1 edit)

this game is broken

try to fix it fast jam will be over soon

uploads are currently disabled while voting is on, so unfortunately I can't fix right now. 

where did the game break for you? will definitely be doing an update post-jam

I realize this is a long time ago, and you're probably not working on the game anymore, but I was actually playing through some of the better games from last years jam (trying to get inspired) and I guess this is where it crashed for this guy.

I was like, midway through chapter 3 and the game crashed in the middle of the fight, on the enemy's turn. 

Like I said, I know it's late, but I saw this comment and figured I'd let you know. Otherwise, excellent game! Well done.