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Galactagirl (Prototype Demo)

Join Galactagirl on a cosmic adventure to vanquish the evil Robot Racers and their mechanical minions! In this adrenaline-pumping action-platformer inspired by retro classics such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man and Ninja Gaiden you must aid Galactagirl in her quest to be the fastest in the galaxy.

Galactagirl has an advanced moveset including wall jumps, target lock-ons, rail grinding, sliding and more, which allows for a variety of ways to traverse the environment and its many challenges. Move fast, react quickly, and chain your moves together to overcome obstacles, defeat enemies, and beat the
level in the quickest time!

CONTROLS (Keyboard/Gamepad):


- Arrow Keys/D-Pad to move.

- Z / A to accept.


- Arrow Keys/D-Pad to move.

- Z / B to Jump, press again in air to Double Jump.

- X / A to Attack.

- C / RB to Lock-On/Grind.

- ESC/Enter/Start to pause/unpause game.

Note: This is a playable demo featuring one level. It is intended that this demo will be used for feedback purposes in guiding the development of the full game, as well as to prototype the core game mechanics, level and visual design.

Install instructions

1. Run the installer.
2. Follow the instructions.
3. Play the game!


Galactagirl.exe (5 MB)
Galactagirl.7z (5 MB)

Development log


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Hi there! I wanted to play your game but I noticed a few problems that prevented me from playing it. 

1) This is more of a personal perfence, but when I click to launch the game from the itch client, it fails and gives me the error "Error: Spawn UNKNOWN". I checked the local files and was able to run the .exe file that let me install the game, and the game did open afterward, but I think it would be helpful to a lot of people to be able to launch it through itch.io. 

2) When I opened the game, the resolution was completely messed up for me and I couldn't find a way to set the resolution to a lower value. I (and others) looking to play the prototype would love it if you could add an options menu that would let the player change the screen resolution to a value the player would be comfortable with. I did see a fullscreen and windowed option but I feel that this is not enough. I would also throw in simple audio options if possible.

The main menu music was rockin and enough to get me pumped to play, however, in its current state, I'm unable to play the game. I hope my feedback helps and I'm looking forward to playing the game in the future when these problems are hopefully addressed!

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Thanks for the feedback. Sorry you couldn't launch the game, resolution and sound options are on the to-do list for this week so stay tuned for an update! I will definitely investigate the issue with launching from itch client too.

Music is by the awesome Kaedalus at kaedalus.com!

EDIT: Quick update has been pushed, problem with the shader was preventing proper res scaling. The game should now scale to any 16:9 resolution although I can't make any guarantees for other aspect ratios. If anyone can provide feedback on this issue it would be appreciated, thanks :) and an .exe file has also been added which launches through itch client :)