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i can't save the game 

and sometimes it freeze

but despite that it's a good game bro

will this game become a fully fledged game or just stay as a small game?

Just staying as a jam game for now! 
I've got a very busy 2021 planned, so as much as I'd like to expand this I unfortunately won't have the time. 
Thanks for checking it out though :)


Hey man, I invited you to a co-op bundle if you are interested =)

Approved :)


Awesome =)


Verry nice job! Great idea. 👏

Thanks! :D


This looks pretty sweet


Wow, this is super impressive for the jam development time! I'm sure you had a very happy giftee.

Here's some feedback if you will continue improving this:

1. I couldn't figure out how the mining drill works/there was a bug? I placed one on top of 4 minerals (2 different types) and added fuel (coal), but nothing happened and I didn't see any other button prompts to start it up

2. It took me a good while to realise you had to click the text to change what something is producing. This needs some visual clue to make the player know that's what they need to do (even before hovering over).

3. I feel like I would never want to waste resources building the arcade cabinet, since the chess board already created happiness at a great rate. The farming also seems really slow to build up to be worth it at a glance.

4. I ended up quitting midway since the progress felt a bit too slow after a while. It's great that you have the speed increase option, but since you often have to interrupt it to take care of the needs of the dogs it doesn't entirely do it for me. Perhaps the dogs could automatically do some of the tasks that require no decisions (harvesting nearby resources, collecting ready made ones, entertaining themselves) without player input. I think it would make the game a bit more lively and faster simultaneously.

Still, very cute and fun concept. Hope you polish it a bit further :)

Awesome feedback, thanks for checking out the game!
There is definitely a few bugs here and there, and some balancing to be done. Getting all the info to the player via the UI was definitely the biggest challenge. 

I'd like to do more updates on this, but 2021 is looking very busy for me so far! We'll see how we go :D

the drill work if all 8 cases are on minerals