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BirdBrain is a 2D Flapformer in which you must locate and recover magic lamps through winding maze-like stages! You have a dash and slam attack at your disposal but you will need to use seeds to progress through the labyrinths! Watch out though! The more seeds you carry, the harder it is to survive! Try your best to navigate the mazes, defeat the bosses and win the game!

  • Unique puzzle-platforming and shoot 'em up based gameplay!
  • 4 labyrinthine stages to navigate through!
  • 4 deadly guardians to defeat!
  • A cute and relaxing atmosphere!
  • Gamepad support!
  • Made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 40 Jam!

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Install instructions

The game is a contained executable.

Just download and run the game to play! :)


BirdBrain.exe 37 MB

Development log


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Just beat the game. It was fun. Got to admit though I could not find the pause button and accidentally hit the escape button halfway through it. I ended up beating the game though and saw the credits with my name at the end. Thank you for that. That gave me a smile.  

Feel free to use more of my music. Its all public domain. I have over 90 songs now.  https://opengameart.org/users/amac1990


This game looks so fun! Downloading it now:-) I love following your game updates!